About Us

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The young people of today must cope with far more personal and social pressures than any other previous generation of youth. Early intervention through a structured mentor relationship may be able to give young people the tools and support they need to deal effectively with these pressures.  The problem of crime prevalence, drug, alcohol and sex abuse, identity crisis, pornography, etc is on the increase among the youth. We believe that with mentoring, we will be able to save the younger generation from being exposed to many of the negative influences that impedes the successful transition from their teenage years to their adult years.
We believe that there are a lot of gifts, talents and potentials buried in the heart and minds of these  younger generation that may go wasted if they are not properly nurtured to unearth those gifts and potentials.
The average teen is in an identity crisis which may never be resolved. Until this crisis is resolved, they may not be able discover who they are and what they are, and the problem of abuse of their lives may never be resolved.

What we Do

  1. YouthDirect provides training through conferences, seminars, summits, workshops, symposiums, retreats, boot camps and recreation. These training are organized at basic schools, second cycle, tertiary institutions, churches, public and private auditoriums with specific messages and themes that address the particular needs of the participants. We serve as an intermediary to create the atmosphere that enhances corporation, creativity and talent show casing among the youth.
  2. With the help of our flagship theme and book 'Create Your Own Future', we organize specialized seminars and boot camps to train the youth in success principles, personal, career,  leadership and entrepreneurship development.
  3. YouthDirect is a platform to grow, nurture and showcase talent, products and services of its participants and members. Members have the opportunity to submit their ideas, books, business plans etc for sponsorship and assistance.
  4. YouthDirect organizes virtual training sessions via the internet, TV and Radio. Members also have instant and on-demand access to training programs via social media, YouTube and our android mobile app.

In addition

  1. We train volunteer mentors to help train other mentors.
  2. YouthDirect Publishes Magazines, newsletter, blogs and books on topics such as
    • Leadership Principles
    • Success Principles
    • Business
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Personal Development
    • Relationship

These are the reasons why YouthDirect is important for the youth!

  • Peer Pressure

One of the greatest forces on adolescents is the power and influence of their peers. Due to technological advancements like the social media, etc, this problem is on the increase as the youth are exposed to peers from different cultures.

  • Substance Abuse

The curiosity to experiment with alcohol, tobacco, and drugs is a constant threat to each adolescent in today’s world.

  • Sexuality

Many young people turn to sexual relationships for a variety of reasons.

  • Child Abuse and Family Violence

Physical and psychological abuse, within the family or in any environment, will have both an immediate effect on the youth and create long-lasting, negative attitudes and behaviors.

  • School Safety and Violence

Many young people are exposed to bullies or other violent behaviors in the school setting which may result in attendance problems or lower academic achievement levels and low self confidence.

  • Depression and Suicide

Serious depression is common when young people are overwhelmed with issues and situations they cannot resolve.

  • Nutrition and Health Care

Many young people feel they are immortal and are either ignorant of or tend to ignore good health practices.

  • Faith and Religion

This issue is usually within the domain of the family. However, this may be an area of great concern for some young people.

  • Social and Time Management

How to manage leisure time, schoolwork, extracurricular activities, family chores, and other social demands is often very difficult for young people.

  • Career and Personal Development

Many young people struggle with the subjects of work and career. They often don’t know what they want to do or be, how they can contribute to society, what their strengths are, or what steps to take in exploring workplace opportunities. Making money is important to most kids, but knowing how to go about securing satisfying employment is something they usually learn through trial and error.