Less than 20% of the worlds working population are entrepreneurs. Unemployment is on  a record high Globally. Unemployment is always on top of the list of reasons why people commit crime in any society. With the increase in the advancement of technology, unemployment rates continue to shore as more aspects of jobs are being taken over by robots and computers.

Ghana is not an exception of this global menace. According to a World Bank report as published by citifmonline.com on the 12th of May, 2016, 48% of Ghanaian youths between the ages of 15-30 years are unemployed. According to the report, the figures will continue to shore due to globalization and technology.

The report continued that , the only way to control the rate is equipping the youth with relevant  skills through specialized education systems.

At YouthDirect, we believe that every person in this world is born to be in their own business. Just like leadership, every human being possesses the ability to create a business. However, this ability needs to be cultivated

We assist our men-tees to develop the capacity and attitudes needed to develop, organize, and manage a business venture or social enterprise. We specialize in developing your core entrepreneurial genius. Entrepreneurship is nothing more than converting an idea in to a business or social venture.

Simply, we believe that every one has an idea of how this world is supposed to function in its perfect form. This idea of a perfect world you possess is your 'entrepreneurial world'. To make this world a reality, you have to simply convert it into a business, or a social enterprise.